Friday, 17 July 2015

Low calorie snack ideas from Tesco!

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm currently trying to lose a little weight. What seems to be working for me for the moment is keeping a number of low calorie snacks handy throughout the day - so I don't get hungry enough to over-indulge too much! 

Fruit is obviously a great healthy snack and I've been eating plenty of that but sometimes you want something a bit different. When I was recently in Tesco to pick up my usual cereal bars and fruit rolls, I spotted these enticing flavoured bags of popcorn!

I really do like popcorn and know it can be quite a healthy treat when compared to something like crisps - but I'd never seen it in such delicious flavours! The big bag contained two orange and chocolate packets, two strawberry toffee packets and one salted caramel packet, all at a maximum of 80 caolories per bag - they're not big but they're big enough for a treat! 

I was a little disappointed at first to see there was only one salted caramel bag, as I love anything salted caramel, but I actually preferred the other two flavours. They were both so unique and tasty! Plus the big bag was only £1, making each individual packet 20p each - a bargain! I'll definitely be buying these again! 

Do you have any really good low-calorie snack suggestions?

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