Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

I was recently tagged by Bek at Dillydrops to post the Love/Hate tag - a list of ten things I love and ten things I hate! 

I Love.....

* The smell of brand new books
* A hot cup of tea after a long day
* Exploring new places
* Getting lovely letters and packages in the post - good old fashiond snail mail! 
* Spending quality time with those I love
* Dominos Pizza - it really is the best!
* Baking
* Long, indulgent baths
* Watching films at the cinema on opening day!
* My new found hobby - blogging!

I Hate....

* When people spoil Game of Thrones (or whateve show/film/book) for others
* When its rainy AND windy at the same time - I can handle one or the other but not both!
* The face it's impossible to buy pre-packed sandwiches without mayonnaise on them, yuk!
* Spiders! 
* Having to get out of bed before I am ready to!
* Maniac drivers 
* Not having enough time, ever 
* That all my favoutrite foods are fattening! 
* Having big feet (size 7, and I'm only 5'3"!)
* Rude or mean people

I'm supposed to tag 10 other bloggers to do the post for themselves but... I don't really know anyone yet and would feel a bit weird tagging people I don't know! It's a fun post to write though and if you want to be tagged just let me know and I'll add your link in the post, or if you just want to write it go ahead, I'd love to see your answers! 

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