Tuesday, 14 July 2015

You Beauty Discovery Box - July

I was really excited to get my first ever beauty box in the post this week, so I thought I'd share with you which one I'd got! 

There are loads of different beauty subscription boxes to choose from but I liked the look of the You Beauty Discovery Box as it was one of the cheapest ones and you get to choose some of your items (I can imagine a lot of people like the 'surprise' ones too but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend a lot of money on in case I didn't like anything that came in it, so thought this would be a good start - there's still some surprises though as you will see! 

How it works is you pay £6.95 for yout box, and that inckudes delivery. Then at the start of the month you have access to a list of around eight items and get to pick which two you want to recieve. Then they'll be sent to you in a little box with a couple of other extra items and samples. This was the box I got this month!

The items I chose were the Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix and the Lola nail polish. The body fix is a two in one moisturiser and toning gel and as I'm currently trying to lose weight I hoped this might stop any excess skin leftover from being too wobbly! At the very least it smells really nice so hopefully it works too! 

The nail polish is by Lola in the shade 'Stone Grey' - it's a lot darker than my usual nail colour choice  but will come in handy if I fancy a change! I think I'll try it soon and I'll be sure to show you! (I should have included swatches in this post but I'm not ready to take off my current polish yet!) 

There were some other really nice items too and it was hard to choose! 

The extra items I got were an oatcake that I'm going to keep handy in case I need an on the go snack, a sample of an Emma Hardie primer which I'm reall looking forward to trying this weekend, and a tube of St Tropez in shower gradual tan - whis will be great for a pre-tan before I go on holiday soon!

I'm really excited with the items from my first box and can't wait to try them all out! I think it was a great deal as the Lola nail polishes on their own are about eight pounds! 

Do you have a beauty box subscription? Which is your favourite? 

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