Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Introducing Dead Sleekit

You know how it is when you are browsing online. You aren't looking for anything in particular then you accidentally stumble across something that just blows your mind.... that's exactly what happened to me recently when I discovered Dead Sleekit.

Not only are the clothes completely unique, they're all made in the UK and it's nice to support a great new British brand! 

To create the bold visuals, hand drawn illustrations are digitally printed onto fabric before being made into the clothes, making these special pieces more like 'wearable art' than your standard highstreet offerings! 

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to check the prices! My absolute favourite item shown above - the Green Sparrow Dress - is priced at only £60, a lot less than I'd expected from such an exciting new designer (the winner of last years Herald Fashion Award, no less!)

I love how the front of the dress is so simple and pretty, with it's gorgeous pastel colour and lovely illustration, then you turn around and the back has all this extra detail going on! It's certainly sure to turn heads wherever it's seen and I'd love to have this in my wardrobe! 

Much as I adore it though, I'm not going to buy it now. I've discussed my weight loss plans and hopes on the blog before and this is the dress that ill be my big treat when I can get it in a size smaller than I need now - it should be a great motivation! 

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