Thursday, 6 August 2015

Weight Loss - Setbacks and Helping Hands

I didn't mean to leave it so long between posts but I was away on holiday and despite my best intentions I didn't manage to get any posts scheduled for when I was away - instead I spent too long dithering about what I was going to take with me! 

I had a lovely week away in the sun, but it definitely didn't help me with my weight loss progress! Being lazy in the sunshine at an all-inclusive hotel will do that to you I guess! I did take my running gear with me, but just couldn't make myself run in that heat! And I did hit the pool every day but it was so busy that I didn't get a whole lot of actual swimming done (though I'm sure just being in the water counts for something!) but I think the biggest problem was the round the clock access to as much food and drink as I could handle and after a while of cutting back on it, I couldn't resist eating far to much bread on my week away! 

My over-indulgence on holiday is showing on the scales this week and unsurprisingly I've found me weight had crept up a little. Not too much and hopefully the effects won't be too long lasting but now I'm home I'm eager to get back to my starting weight! 

I'm back on the diet and have my first run since jetting off scheduled for this afternoon, so hopefully should be well on my way soon, and I've enlisted a helping hand in the form of Raspberry Ketones supplements. 

I've heard a lot recently about Raspberry Ketones and how then can help people lose weight, so I'm excited to be trying them out! I know of course that there is no such thing as a 'miracle pill' for weight loss, I'll be using these alongside other lifestyle choices that include a healthy diet and exercise! 

I'm also aware that a lot of people are skeptical of any supplements that say they can help you lose weight as there are a lot of scams and dangerous products out there. I've been doing a little research on these and this independant review site that seem to know their stuff suggest Raspberry Ketones are considered safe (so no terrifying side effects) and have a decent chance of helping you lose a little weight so I figured they were worth a try! 

I have a months worth of the supplements from eBody, and I'll do a full review with more information about how they work and how I got on with them after I've taken the full course so do look out for that! In the meantime you can read more about these and the other herbal products offered by the company here!

Wish my luck! 

Have you ever had any luck with Raspberry Ketones or other slimming products? I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. I've heard a lot about raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia too, but haven't actually tried them myself. I've been losing weight just fine with a diet I got from and it's been working like a charm :)

  2. Raspberry ketone never really did much for me, but what really did was cutting back big time on my carbohydrate intake. I found some really helpful tips for cutting carbs and got down to like 50 carbs a day and once I did that the weight just started falling off.

  3. This is because prescription weight loss pills can have potentially harmful side effects.