Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Going AWOL

I must be one of the most inconsistant bloggers there is.

I love blogging, though I haven't done a lot of it. I've really enjoyed sharing my likes, hopes, interests and purchases (even if I'm sharing them with many readers yet!) so it's really disappointing when life gets in the way.

Without going into a lot of detail a bunch of family stuff and a bunch of health stuff has stopped me even having chance to think about blogging recently but now that the worst seems to have passed I am really excited about getting back to my laptop and thnking about what I want to share next!

For example, I have the most beautiful bag I want to show you - that'll be coming up really soon!

The change on seasons is always exciting too - new colours and textures to enjoy, a focus on warmth and cosiness! And, dare I say it? Christmas wont be too far behind now either!

This is just a really quick post, just dipping my toe back in the world of writing (I feel like I've forgotten my way around a keyboard!) but hopefully I'll be back with a full post in no time at all!

What have you been up in the mean time? Leave me links of your latest posts so I can catch up!

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