Thursday, 3 November 2016

A Cosy Autumn Wishlist

It's definitely getting a little chilly out there! Now that I can no longer deny Autumn, it's time I completely embraced it. It's not so bad after all and I'll feel better about it if I can indulge in some of my wishlist items!

Ok it's not quite the snuggly wool outfit I was looking for, but the next big date on the Calender now that Halloween is done is Bonfire Night and have you ever seen a more perfect for it outfit than this firework dress by Lindybop? Beautiful for the rest of the year too though, and the colours are autumn perfection!

I love scented candles but there's defintiely a shift in the kinds of scents I prefer at different times of year. The Kiss Air candle in Autumn Sunshine sounds perfect!

It is getting colder and this charming owl scarf from Yumi Direct looks like a very lovely thing to keep the chill off! 

Everyone seems to be talking about Hygge at the moment so I need to get in on the action! From what I can tell, it related to the Danish art of being happy and snug - wonderful!

Hot chocolate is the best thing in the world for warming up your body and soul from the inside, and I reckon this chilli variety from Whittards will give an extra kick of heat! 

You can't beat a hot bath and Lush, as always, have a selection of amazing bath products just perfect for the season but my current top pick is an old favourite, the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb!

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