Thursday, 1 December 2016

Getting Fit for Christmas

 Christmas is fast approaching, and for many of us it's a time of (over) indulgence - from the opening of Advent Calenders today, to the massive turkey dinner with all the trimmings - it can be easy to find yourself settling into bad habits. Today I have a wonderful guest post from fitness expert Rachel from Ode To Fitness, with her top tips on staying active and healthy at this time of year! 

It’s a tricky time of year to begin or even maintain a fitness programme, but staying active over the festive period is a great way to feel better.  It not only reduces your chances of gaining weight, it also helps energise you and eases stress.
Whilst it can be difficult to stick to your full gym routine, there are ways you can ensure you still get a workout in.  And also encourage your family and friends to get moving too.  
Firstly prioritise your workouts.  Exercising in the morning, or getting up a little earlier may not be ideal for everyone but it does ensure you get a workout in.  By working out first thing, maybe even getting up earlier you can make sure you’ve worked out before any family commitments or crises get in the way.
With that in mind don’t stress about long workouts, if you are willing to get sweaty and work hard a 20-30 minute HIIT session is a great way to squeeze in a festive workout.  You don’t even need a gym.  There are so many exercises you can do without equipment, and still get a great workout.  Squat Jumps, High Knees, Push Ups, Planks are all great ideas of exercises you can do without equipment.  4 exercises, 30 seconds of each 30 seconds rest, 4 to 5 rounds. Boom you have yourself a home HIIT workout.
Christmas is a time for friends and family, so why not get them involved with your workouts. Maybe you can do something seasonal, like ice skating or a long country walk, it doesn’t have to be in a gym to be a good workout.  And if that doesn’t work what about a good old game of Twister, it gets you moving and is great for core stability.  
Think outside the box when it comes to Christmas fitness and head into the New Year feeling great! 

Don't forget to check out Rachel's blog and say hello to her on twitter too! 

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