Wednesday, 14 December 2016

World Of Snacks

 I love reading about the exciting subscription boxes that many bloggers love to get, but today I'm extra excited to introduce a brand new one containing my favourite sort of surprise treat - yummy snacks! 

The World of Snacks boxes are a brand new months box in which you receive a number of both sweet and savoury snack items. The twist with this one is that each month the selected snacks come from a different location around the world. These are not things you can pick up just anywhere!

I was lucky enough to receive the first box, and pleased to discover that the first month was Japan! I've long been fascinated with Japanese snacks as I've heard plenty about the weird and wonderful items they produce! Here's what I got in this first month box:

Pocky Sticks - the box came with two different packets of Pocky sticks (biscuit sticks with a flavoured coating), original chocolate and strawberry flavours.These are very popular in Japan, and with good reason - they're lovely! My favourites were the strawberry ones!

DIY Gummy Candy (Make Your Own Sushi Shop) - I've heard a lot about Japanese DIY candy kids, and was really happy to receive this pack! The pack comes with a number of 'rice' sushi bases and different nigiri sushi toppings. Put them together for a sweet gummy sushi replica - delicious!

Giant Caplico - I was very interested to see that looked very much like an ice cream cone in my non-frozen box! This has a proper ice cream wafer, but instead of being filled with meltable ice cream, its filled with bubbly chocolate (like an aero!) in chocolate and strawberry flavours! Really unique and really tasty!

Hello Panda - These are the only product in the box I've tried before and I was very happy to get to try them again! They're little biscuit balls with a strawberry filling, and very cute!

Soda Soft Centred  Chewing Gum - There's a little surprise with these - they bubble gum balls all look the same but one of the three is secretly a super-sour sweet. Unfortunately, the first one I tried was the super sour one - it brought tears to my eyes! The other two were lovely though, and this would be a fun snack to share with friends to see who draws the short straw!

Little Bobdog Cola Candy Sticks - These reminded me of the candy sticks my brother and I used to pretend to 'smoke' when we were kids, so the cola flavour is really unexpected and fun!

Black Thunder Chocolate Bar - This is a really yummy crunchy cookie bar with japanese style rice puffs, covered in chocolate. I love breakfast cereal so it's cookie-meets-cocoa-pops vibe works out great for me!

Panda Chocolate Wafer - This little guy was so cute, I almost didn't want to eat him! This one is a panda shaped wafer filled with airy milk and white chocolate.

Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat - Japan is known for its wide selection of exciting Kit Kat flavours, and Matcha is one of the most popular of these. These mini Kit Kats are covered with white chocolate coloured and flavoured with real green tea. It might not sound like the most appealing flavour but it's really interesting, a very pleasant surprise!

Peko and Hello Kitty Lollipops - Hello Kitty is one of the most well recognised of Japans icon and she adorns these unusual lollipops. They're matcha green tea and milky flavoured and its a really unique flavour, creamy and sweet and distinctly japanese! The little sweets are the same flavour but chewier! I wish this was a more common flavour here in the UK!

There were also a couple of savoury things to try in the box too. I was mainly looking forward to the sweet items, so was a little nervous about trying these! The first is Plum Seasoned Wakame Seaweed - little strips of seaweed that have been boiled and seasoned with plum vinegar. I'll admit, I didn't find the smell of this very appealing but thought I'd give it a go anyway! It was definitely not my favourite item in the box, and probably the only thing I wouldn't want to eat again but it wasn't as bad as I might have expected!

The last item was Spicy Burdock. A piece of Burdock, pickled in soy sauce, salt and vinegar, and seasoned with spicy ichimi togarashi chilli pepper and bonito fish flakes. I didn't actually thy this one as I really can't stand anything fishy but I found a volunteer to try it for me who said it was really nice!

The World of Snacks box costs £13.99 including delivery, which I think is remarkable value for so many unique items! Also, there's no contract so you can cancel any time, though if this first box is anything to go by you'd want to keep getting them!

I can't tell you whats going to be in the next box, or even which country the items will come from - you'll have to subscribe to find out! You can do so and find out more about the company on their website I can't wait to see what the next one contains!

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