Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 Travel Wishes

I'd mentioned in my New Years Resolutions post that I hoped to travel more in 2017, so I thought I'd make a list of places I'd like to visit to serve as inspiration for when I actually get to book a trip!

Sadly, I never actaully made it to any of the places on my 2016 Travel Wishlist, so all of those placces are still on the list!

I think I might make it a bit easier for myself though, and include a few places a bit closer to home - a bit easier to get to - to increase my chances of getting them ticked off!


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This gorgeous little Welsh village doesn't even look like a real place - or at east, not a real place you'd expect to find in Wales! Portmeirion was created by Clough Williams-Ellis, who wanted to show it was possible to develop a site without detracting from its natural beauty. I love the colourful buildings and the coastal location! Portmeirion is open to day visitors but there a couple of lovely sounding places to stay over for a longer visit too!


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Would you believe I've never been to Scotland? At all? Sad isn't it? One of my work colleagues was in Edinburgh just before Chrsitmas and had lots of lovely things to say about the city. Edinburgh's Harry Potter connections just give me one extra reason to want to visit, but I'd love to look round the castle too!


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 If I dont get to leave the UK this year, Cornwall looks like my best bet for some sunshine! It looks like such a lovely places, with so many pretty beaches and towns along the coast. I've heard St Ives in particular is picture-perfect, and I aways wanted to go to Newquay. Mainly I want to go so I can eat all the clotted cream!

Compared to some people's travel plans, my list isn't overly ambitious - but all of these places could hold their own with the worlds most popular and exciting destinations!

Where are your favourite places to visit in the UK?

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