Friday, 30 June 2017

Five of the Best Parisian Restaurants

There are a lot of reasons that I'd love to go to Paris - the sites, this history, the culture, but most of all? The food!

Today I have a guest post on five of the best restaurants in the city, another five reasons to want to go!

Five of the Best Parisian Restaurants
Travelling to Paris is definitely something that everyone has to do at some point in their lives. The French capital not only has amazing historic sights, extremely famous landmarks and incredible shopping experiences, it is also home to some of the most amazing food and drink in Europe. From cosy cafes and coffee shops to quirky, foodie restaurants and enticing jazz bars, the city definitely has it all when it comes to culture and cuisine. The only problem with having so many great places to eat is being totally and utterly spoilt for choice which can be a little overwhelming when you’re only in the city for a mini break or a short space of time. Here are five of the best picks to help you out a little!

La Poule au Pot
When it comes to French gastronomy there really is no better than this traditional little French gem. Situated in Les Halles, this tiny little bistro is open all night (until 5am) and serves up the traditional French dish of stuffed, poached chicken. Step inside, and you will be transported straight back to 1930’s France as you enjoy a glass of wine in true French style and choose from a range of incredible dishes including Burgundy Snails, Duck Leg Confit and Fried Camembert with cherry jam. If it’s tradition and culture you’re after you really can’t go far wrong here.

This place has an extremely interesting concept and is a space for young and aspiring chefs to take over the kitchen and produce some great, creative dishes. These sous chefs hope to open restaurants of their own and the standard of food is next to none. A modern, rustic environment, the small building has a bustling atmosphere and a menu full of bold, vibrant flavours. Due to the nature of the place, the menu is ever-changing and dinner is a set price of 58 euros. Try it – you won’t be disappointed.

You can’t go to Paris and not visit a creperie and krugen is up there with the best of the best when it comes to serving the traditional French treat.  From tasty classics of ham and cheese to indulgent sweet flavours of melted dark chocolate, salted caramel and Chantilly cream, whether you’re the sweet or savoury type, you’re guaranteed to find a crepe to suit your appetite.

Hardware Societie Paris
I’m sure you’ll all agree that when it comes to brunch spots, small, independent places are definitely the best. Hardware Societie is situated on Rue Lamark and is a quirky, independent establishment that offers some of the most Instagram-worthy (and delicious!) brunches we’ve ever seen. If you love your breakfasts sweet then their fried brioche with lemon curd, vanilla and poached pear is a definite must, and if you like your eggs in the morning then their 64 degree eggs on top of a dill, lemon and trout potato cake with asparagus salad will go down an absolute treat. With daily specials and an extensive list of really good coffee and homemade chai, start your day right here.

Hank Burger
Now, everybody loves a burger and fries, they are a great, filling convenience meal and fast food in this day and age is becoming more and more creative. There aren’t as many places that Vegans can grab a quick meal and this place is extremely delicious whether you are Vegan or not. With a quirky shabby chic interior it is the ultimate hipster dining experience. The deliciously soft burger buns are all homemade and filled with an extremely tasty Vegan steak. You then simply choose your sauce from a list of delicious flavours including ‘La Rockeuse ‘ (figs and rocket) and ‘tata Monique’ (tomatoes and fresh basil). There are other options such as amazing Vegan pizzas if you’re not the burger type! Sides and desserts are also aplenty!

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