Monday, 7 August 2017

I Sea Pasta - A Healthy Alternative

I've been trying really hard recently to make some changes to my lifestyle. I spend most of my day sat at a desk, and I love to eat - and the combination of the two is taking it's toll on my body!

I'm not a 'diet' type - like I said, I LOVE to eat, so I'm always on the lookout for ways to incorporate healthier options into my food choices. To this end, I recently came across I Sea Pasta - a pasta alternative made from seaweed!

Pasta is a huge vice of mine. It's tasty, versatile and easy to prepare, as well as a comforting throwback to my student days when I used to live on the stuff!  But as a sensible grown up I know that gorging myself on carbs every meal is not ideal. I need to learn to compromise!

My current compromise is I Sea Pasta - this tagliatelle alternative has 80% fewer calories than the regular kind, is low in carbs and full of iodine, iron and omega 3. It's also high in fibre and gluten free.

Importantly, seaweed is one of the most renewable foods on the planet too - at a time when I am becoming increasingly concerned about the future of the planet, this is a big selling point for me!

The pack came with loads of different cooking and serving suggestions (which can also be found online) but for my first attempt, I decided to stick with a classic - simple pesto with a few cherry tomatoes thrown in. As you can see, I half-and-halfed my dish with regular pasta (as per one of the suggestions - this made trying something so new and unique a whole lot less intimidating!

The seaweed comes straight from the ocean, and it sure smells like it! This could be a tad off-putting, but again there are tips on how to minimise the 'ocean breeze', but the smell is not really translated into the taste which I for one was quite glad about!

I'd definitely incorporate the seaweed pasta as long-term fixture in my diet. I'd probably stick to mixing it with regular pasta, as for the time being I'm happy to just make baby steps towards a better lifestyle!

Have you tried seaweed? Would you?  Do you have any good food-swap tips for me?

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