Lush - Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon

I hadn't gone into Lush that day to buy things for myself. My mission was clear: In, pick up a gift set for the mother-in-law, out. Easy. And I nearly made it, just tripping over the last hurdle when I couldn't stop myself picking up the Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon from its sneaky position near the counter. 

Still, I've always maintained that the bubble bars are the best value of the lush products (as they are multi-use, unlike most of the bath ballistics), and this one is a Valentines special so its not like I could just go pick one up any old time - so I don't feel too bad about my purchase!

It just looked so cheery and bright and wholesome. At least it did in the shop - by the time I got mine home after forgetting about it in the bottom of my bag, it was looking a little worse for wear - so I apologise for not capturing its beauty in the photograph, I was mainly trying to make sure it didn't completely collapse on me! 

It should look like two raspberry-coloured hearts sandwiched together with a rich gold, and looks like the perfect Valentine's treat!

The romantic theme is carried though the scent - can you get more valentines-ready than rose absolute? This also includes lemongrass oil, which really freshens the aroma and avoids any old-lady associations you can get with rose-scented products. 

I only used around a third of my bubbleroon for a bath full of sweetly scented pink bubbles, and I love that I get a few more uses out of this one! The bubbleroon also contains organic shea butter and murumuru butter, so my skin felt beautifully soft after a long soak. 

I didn't mean to but this for myself but now that I have, I might have to call back in and try a few of the other other Valentine's products before they go!

My (more reaslistic) Travel Wishlist

I recently shared a travel wishlist with a few of my favourite big holiday adventure ideas - but sadly I'm not likely to be in a position to make any of them happen for a while yet. But that doesn't mean I have to give up on travel completely for now - there are plenty of closer, cheaper and more accessible places I'd love to go! Here's a few places that hopefully I will get to visit before too long! 


I haven't been to Whitby in a really long time, but we visited a bunch on family holidays when I was a kid. It wasn't always my favourite spot back then, as it was quieter and not as much 'fun' as more bustling sea-side resorts like Scarborough - but now I think the quieter atmosphere would suit me perfectly. I want to visit Whitby Abbey and eat Fish n Chips! 


It's not too far away but I've actually never been to Liverpool! I've heard it's a great city to visit now, particularly good for food and drink. I'd love a night out at the Cavern Club, and the Slavery Musuem sounds fascinating!


Bath is another British city I've never been to. I'm a Jane Austen fan and I've read about her heroines spending their time in this old spa town. It looks so pretty, I'd love to visit the Roman Baths and see the Royal Crescent.

Warwick Castle

I've been to Warwick Castle for the day and loved it. It's a great day for a day out - I love exploring the old walls, watching the jousting and admiring the birds of prey. But I've recently seen that you can stay over in their Medieval Village, either in a cute Game of Thrones-style tent or a cool looking wooden lodge and I REALLY want to go stay over! 

Hopefully, as bit of careful planning will mean I can tick all of these off my wish list this year - but if not I should definitely be able to make a couple of them! Have you been to any of these places? Where do you think I should start?

My Travel Wishlist

I don't know if its because I'm getting bored of the bad weather, or because I've been reading more travel blogs recently, but I am positively itching with with wanderlust at the minute! 

Sadly a lot of my finances are tied up in house renovations at the mo, so trips are all pretty unlikely at the minute - but if I were to suddenly to come into a lot of money, or someone wanted to treat me to a free trip away (please?), these are the places at the top of my list at the minute:


The popularity of Iceland as a holiday destination seems to be snowballing (as it were), but looking at pictures I can absolutely see why. It looks like an absolutely beautiful country, and with so much do do and see. Top of my list for an Iceland holiday would be to see the Northern Lights and relax at the Blue Lagoon, but I'd also love the chance to see some of the places Game Of Thrones was filmed! 

New York

I was obsessed with the idea when I was younger and that's never really gone away. My childhood dreams of theme park fun in Orlando have made way for more adult aspirations of shopping, museums and cocktails in New York City! I'd love to see a Broadway show and buy a hot dog from a street vendor! 


Jamaica wasn't on my list until recently, but a work colleague has recently returned and her tales of winter sunshine and endless rum have definitely increased my interest! For once here, I'd shun culture in favour of lying on the beach, cocktail in hand! 


I love animals but I bet seeing lions, giraffes and rhinos in the zoo is nothing on seeing them in the wild! I've wanted to go on a Kenyan animal-seeking adventure for many years, I think it would be such an incredible experience. A quick bit of research suggests it might not be as prohibitively expensive as I'd feared and I've started putting a little away towards making this dream come true! 

It might take me a couple of years to get any of these ticked off my wishlist, but it's good to have things to work towards!

What's on your money-is-no-object wishlist?