Lush - Cream Egg

I know I've missed Easter already, so this review of one of Lush's limited edition Easter range is already a little past it's best but these are still available on the website (and presumably in store) for a little while so I thought it might be worth sharing anyway - I wouldnt want anyone to miss out on one of these Cream Egg Bubble Bars!

My easter release purchases were limited, as I'm saving towards a holiday, but I couldn't resist this brightly coloured Bubbleroon when I caught the aroma in store. It's supposed to be mint-chocolate but I didn't get a lot of the chocolate scent - to me it smells just like those Spearmint Chew sweets I used to love when I was little and so I found the whole bathing experience as cheerful and comforting in the way that only reminders of happy childhood days can make you feel! 

Aside from the nostagic scent, I loved the bright colours of the Bubbleroon and the soft blue that it made my bathwater. The bubbles were plentiful and fragrant, and the cocoa butter and shea butter that are included left me feeling super soft and pampered. I always thing the bubble bars are one of the better value bath products from Lush as you can get multiple uses out of them, and this is no exception - I've already had two spearminty baths and have at least one more to go at!

Overall this hasn't quite broken into my top Lush bath products (it's good but it's no 'The Comforter') but I really like it and would definitely buy it again! Here's hoping they bring it back for next Easter at least! 

Did you try Cream Egg? What's your favourite Lush product?