Afternoon Tea at Cafe Rouge

I do love Afternoon Tea (cake, scones and tea, what's not to love?!) but don't get the opportunity to indulge very often at the minute much to my dismay! However I recently spotted a deal on Groupon for Afternoon Tea at Cafe Rouge for just £19 for two people and couldn't resist! 

cafe rouge afternoon tea

Once I bought the Groupon it was easy to book a table online and we headed off to York, home of our nearest branch, to indulge! 

Even though it was a weekend afternoon in a busy city (and we were on a discounted deal) we were offered a great table right by the window - perfect for people watching over cake! 

cafe rouge groupon deals

It didn't take long at all for us to be presented with a huge pot of tea and three tiers of tasty treats! It's not often I say this but the savoury tier might have been my favourite! I know finger sandwiches are the usual thing for afternoon tea, but the French theming of the venue led to chunky slices of croque monsieur and these were absolutely delicious! I will freely admit to having more than my allotted share - apologies to Mr for stealing his!

afternoon tea cafe rogue

I always appreciate scones, and these were very tasty but not so big that they filled me up before I got to the cakes (rare, but it does happen!) - I also loved that they were served with fresh strawberries! 

fresh strawberry cake stand

The cakes are invariably my favourites - this afternoon tea gave a lovely varied selection of a little chocolate mousse pot, chocolate and raspberry cake and a delicious light lemon sponge - the latter was absolutely my favourite but they were all pretty wonderful! 

mini cakes and chocolate mousse

It was my first time at Cafe Rogue and the York branch at least was delightful - the staff were helpful and polite and the old building is charming. I even spotted a sweet little garden out the back where people were enjoying drinks in the sunshine - I definitely want to go back and try some of their main menu offerings! 

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