I Love Gin Club

When I was little I loved having pen-pals, and I was always so excited when a lovely letter came in the post for me. It's now 2018 so pen pals are rare, and most of the things that come in the post for me these days are bills or spam, but one way I've found to recapture that joy of receiving something fun is via subscription boxes! 

gin subscription box

(Technically I understand that you can order anything to come in the post, but part of the excitement is that you don't quite know what you are going to get with these vs a regular online order, so it feels more like a present!)

I recently signed up to the receive the monthly I Love Gin box and I thought I'd share with you what I got in one of mine so you know what to expect with an average box!

double dutch mixers manchester gins

The I Love Gin club boasts that it contains 4 G&T's, which tend to be made up of two gins and two tonics which can be mixed and matched to suit. The gin selection will usually follow a loose theme - the one shown here was the 'Mancs and Merseyside' box which contained miniatures of Manchester's Thomas Dakin Gin and Liverpool Rose Petal Gin.

thomas dakin gin

You'll also get a couple of full size tonics - this box came with a duo from Double Dutch, a skinny one and a cranberry and ginger. I was pleasantly surprised by the skinny tonic, as I've always avoided them expecting a corresponding dip in flavour quality. The cranberry and ginger one was delicious! 

flavoured premium tonic water bottles

In the box you also get a little booklet with information about all the brands, as well as space for your own tasting notes. They also come with a £5 voucher to spend in their shop, so if you do discover a gin you love you can stock up on a full sized bottle at a discounted rate! I'd definitely consider the Liverpool Rose Petal gin as my next big investment bottle! 

Thomas Dakin GnT

The I Love Gin subscription is £14 per month, which works out pretty good value if you think of the cost per G&T - especially if you use the voucher! I first signed up because there was a discount on the first box at the time, but I kept it up for a few months because I really enjoyed getting them! I'm currently taking a break but just because I have a backlog of stuff to get through but once I've made some headway I fully intend to sign up again - it's a great way to treat yourself and try new and upcoming brands! 

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