The Yorkshire Soap Company - Unicorn Tears Bath Bomb

I've made no secret of the fact that I adore Lush, but I'm not monogamous when it comes to bath supplies - I'm happy to jump ship to anyone who will sell me beautifully scented goodies to soak in, and The Yorkshire Soap Company are my second bath-love! 

Unicorn bath bomb

If you've never had the pleasure of shopping in one of their Yorkshire based stores, then I suggest you aim to as soon as possible. It's quite a singular shopping experience - their gorgeous stores are light and airy and like high end patisseries, their stunning products displayed to their best on cake stands and pristine white shelves. The customer experience is less 'intense' than at their colourful competitors, but the staff are no less knowledgeable, passionate or well-trained. 

pretty bath gifts

I didn't realise there was a Yorkshire Soap Company banch in Halifax until I accidentally stumbled across it recently (usually its their York store that I'm tempted by!), but it would have been rude to not celebrate my discovery with the purchase of a sweetly-scented treat or two! 

I couldn't resist picking up the sweet-as-pie bubblegum scented Unicorn Tears bubbling bath bomb!

unicorn tears

Like a lot of the signature fragrances at The Yorkshire Soap Co, the scent is featured across a number of different products, such as shower gel, body lotion and bath foam, but I always like the bath bombs as a sort of first point of call for trying out a new fragrance. The Unicorn Tears range is a winner though - sugary sweet and delicious - and I'll definitely look to pick up more in the range when I get chance! 

I was intrigued by the promise of a a 'bubbling' bath bomb but was still surprised to see that this did actually form bubbles when it hit the water! This also has a fine silvery glitter throughout which might give that bath water a vaguely unappealing grey look from a distance, but a lovely shimmery shine from the vantage point of being submerged in it! 

I'm hard pressed to pick a favourite range from the company - their 'Yorkshire Lass' blend is a classic, but this is a lovely addition for when I'm feeling playful and frivolous and I definitely recommend it!

If geography prevents you from making it into store, you can also order online from The Yorkshire Soap Co!

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