Introducing: The Chameleon

Like many of us these days, I'm hugely concerned with the amount of plasic being created, used and thrown away. Many exciting new companies are trying to provide innovative and fun solutions to this single-use plastic problem, and one of my favourites can currently be found on Kickstarter!

Root 7's 'Chameleon' is a colour changing re-usable bottle that fulfills all my enviromental concerns as well as my aesthetic ones!
 triple (3).jpg

Though a very handsome bottle in it's own right - Available in three pretty shades (with more on the way in the future if the kickstarter is successful!) with a sleek slimline shapee and cute chameleon design - it's the colour-changing capability that males this one really stand out from its competitors!

The Chameleon's special coating changed colour when it's cold, so you can easily see how much you have in your bottle. 

It's such a cute idea, I love it! As I am easily amused by simple things, I'm sure this neat little trick will definitely encourage me to fill up more and see the magic in action - so I'm much more likely to hit my water intake targets! This is something I do struggle with, so every little incentive helps!

The bottles also come with a protective silicone 'sun jacket' to keep your Chameleon is good condtion - but don't worry! The clever 'viewing slot' means you can still see your water level without removing the jacket!

There's currently only 16 days left on the Kickstarter, so head there now for more information before you miss out! If you are fast enough you can get one at the 'Super Early' special price of just £11 for the bottle and matching jacket! You can also get a closer look on Root 7's Instagram or Twitter accounts!

I like the purple one best,... how about you?